Where Dogs come to have FUN! Established 2007



  • What will my dog be doing during the day?

                 Your best friend will enjoy being with their friends playing and  

                  romping around.             

  • Do you seperate small & large dogs?

                  No, all of our daycare dogs play well together in the same play            

                  areas. We have 4 to 6 daycare attendants that are constintly 

                  walking around monoriting the dogs energy levels and their body                

                  language for any signs of dominance.

  • Can my dog take a nap?

                  Absoloutly, most dogs will take a nap together when they tire out. 

                  We can take your dog out of the daycare and let them nap in our 

                   comfy boarding room.


  •  Can I bring a lunch for my dog?

                  Of course, you can bring a lunch in. We take the dogs out of  

                  daycare and put them in a crate to eat their lunch. Please use a   

                  ziplock bag or a container that is clearly labeled and put into the 

                  community lunch basket at drop off.

  • Where do the dogs go to the bathroom? 

                They always have access to relieve themselves outside and most  

                 dogs do that. Some dogs will go inside, in that case it is    

                 immediatly cleaned up and sanitized

  • What happens if my dog gets injured?

                  We will immediatley try to contact you or your emergancy  

                  contact's. If we can't reach anyone, we will go to the closest

                  Veterianian which is "Veterianian Services of Wstwood


  • What if I want my dog to have bath before I pick up?

                 We can bath your dog before you pick him/her up. Please inform a   

                  staff member during dropping off, so we can have your dog 

                  out on time.

  • What would happen if I were late picking up my dog? 

                 If your dog is not picked up by 6:30pm without contacting us to

                  let us know your running a few minutes late. We will 

                  board your dog for the night in our sleepover room. Fees will apply

  • Where will my dog sleep if he/she stays the night?

                 All dogs stay in our overnight room in a large crate. They will have  

                 soft blanket to lay on and a pail of water 


  • Are the dogs that are staying over night supervised?

                Our staff members do a final walk through at 8:00pm to make sure

                the dogs ate and have gone out to use the bathroom. The 

                dogs are monitored by a 24 hour remote access camera. 

  • Is there an extra charge for daycare while my dog is boarding?

                 No, the daycare fee is included in the overnight fee. We charge by  

                 the night, and the dogs must be picked up by 12:00pm or you will   

                 charged for daycare.

  • What do I need to bring in for a Stay & Play?

                 The only things you need to bring is enough food & medications. 

                 These need to be measured out and labeled. You can bring in a small                 

                 blanket that reminds them of home. 

  • Are there any breed restrictions?

                No, we do not breed discriminate. All breeds are welcome to come in    

                for a temperament test.